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Why Choose Semantech?

We develop the architecture of innovation...

Innovation has never been so important – the ever-increasing pace of change demands that organizations constantly reevaluate assumptions and solutions. Semantech Inc. is dedicated to facilitating innovation.

Semantech specializes in creating the Architecture of Innovation…

We offer the following enterprise-level consulting services:

  1. Continuous Innovation
  2. IT Strategy
  3. IT Architecture

At Semantech, we view Innovation different. For us, Innovation represents a repeatable, consistently achieve process – not ad hoc accidental invention. We refer to this as “Continuous Innovation.” However, we also realize that all innovation today is in some way dependent on technology so in order to achieve innovation on a consistent basis it must be tied to both IT Strategy and Architecture.  We provide everything necessary for enterprise-scale organizations to envision and plan innovation. While we recognize the inter-related nature of the consulting services we provide, they are offered both in conjunction with one another and separately.

Semantech IT Consulting Practices

Continuous Innovation

Innovation is more than a buzz word. It is the basis for an entirely different approach to IT.

Enterprise Strategy

Enterprise IT  Strategy can make the difference between success or failure on any sized IT Portfolio.

IT Architecture

IT Capability is defined by IT Architecture – Architecture is the mechanism to translate innovation and strategy into reality.

Highlight: Architecture Assessments & IT Project Triage
Have you been trying to deal with a complex enterprise problem for months or years and not made progress? Let us conduct an Agile Architecture Assessment and highlight all the key issues and options for you. We can provide this assessment for any size organization or any size problem in just 90 days.
Architecture Assessments - Semantech Architecture Practice
Nearly half of all IT projects fail. There are two basics tenets to IT Project Triage; 1 – determine whether the project can in fact be saved (w/o further loss of time and money) and 2 – come up with a comprehensive mitigation plan to transform dysfunctional projects into successful ones. At Semantech Inc., we can provide Triage for any sized IT project in any industry.
Project Triage - Semantech Strategy Practice
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