Architecture Services

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is the glue that can hold the full range of IT capabilities together - we are EA experts and Thought Leaders. Semantech can support every known EA Framework as well as any size portfolio.

Our Enterprise Architecture Services include:

  • Enterprise Application Assessments
  • Enterprise Initiative Support (both commercial & federal)
  • EA Framework Adoption
  • EA Governance Frameworks

Architecture Practice Support

Does your organization already have an architecture practice? Do you have one but are unsatisfied with its results or value proposition? Semantech Inc. can help with a full range IT architecture services.

Our Architecture Practice Services include:

  • Architecture Practice Start-up
  • Practice Automation
  • Practice Correction / Redeployment
  • Architecture Wiki Creation / Population

Targeted Architecture Services

There are times when an organization requires very specific types of architecture support. Semantech Inc. provides a variety of targeted architecture services calibrated to meet the most common types of targeted design requirements.

Our Targeted Architecture Services include:

  • Solution Architecture (project level support)
  • Tier-Specific Architecture (e.g. Data, Cyber, Infrasructure, Digital Experience, etc.)
  • Product-Specific Architecture (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, etc.)
  • Enterprise Innovation - focused introduction of emerging technologies