Strategy +
= Innovation

Semantech Inc. is a specialized consulting firm focused on helping organizations exploit cutting edge technology to meet their mission critical goals.

Our experience spans includes specific domain experience in Information Technology, Aerospace, Finance, Healthcare, Communications and Logistics. We support the full IT lifecycle - from Strategic Planning to Enterprise Architecture to SOA design and deployment as well as coordination with IT infrastructure.

Mission &

We started Semantech in 2007 based upon the premise that we could help our clients solve their toughest problems - 10 years later we're still going strong.

The Semantech Inc. mission is to develop world-class solutions for our clients. Our efforts must be relevant, timely and innovative. To accomplish our mission we are dedicated to a constant cycle of renewal and growth, wherein we reexamine our assumptions and solution approaches in order to ensure that we provide the right solution at the right time. We are here to listen to you and to fulfill your expectations. If you don't look good, we don't look good - and ultimately, making you look great is what we're here for.

We aren't just Thought Leaders or Strategists, we've had decades of experience in implementing and managing complex solutions. We understand technology; more importantly, we understand how to make technology work for you.