IT Architecture

defines capability - doing it right ensures success

We can tackle any architecture challenge, from creating your EA practice to designing your most important initiative.

What is IT Architecture? IT Architecture is a relatively new discipline and represents a cross-cutting community of practice. By that we mean Architecture is not necessarily technology-specific but can be applied to most any technical solution lifecycle. Even where or when architecture does become technology-specific, say for example specific to a particular product or to a set of unique technical standards, the methodology for how architecture tasks are managed can remain largely the same.

At Semantech Inc., we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the full breath of IT Architecture capability specifically because we’ve developed a methodology that allows us to support any type of technology architecture or design engagement in the same fashion. We have decades of Architecture experience working in almost all industry domains – from that experience we’ve honed a set of finely tuned Architecture Services.

As we continue to grow and adapt to emerging trends these Architecture Services will be extended also. This is part of our own personal dedication to Innovation – both as a provider an a practitioner..